Understanding the Early Years

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The Understanding the Early Years Research project has greatly enhanced our knowledge of how local children are growing and developing in our communities.

To date, the Parent Interviews and Direct Assessment of Children Report, along with the final report, Contributing to Community Change - An Early Years Action Plan Road Map report have been published and are available on-line.

These reports are based on research work that took place during the 2008/2009 school year.

Given the value of the knowledge gained from the Understanding the Early Years work, a second round of Early Development Instrument data was gathered (March, 2011).  Maps containing these results are in the process of being refined and, once completed, will also be shared with our partners, participants and on-line community.  This information provides valuable insight as we start to be able to more clearly identify local trends over time.

It is recognized that much more information is needed in order to support evidence-based planning by community agencies, organizations, boards and government departments.  As those that work to further refine and develop programs and services to meet the needs of children in their earliest years, we hope to be able to continue to monitor and share results regarding the impact of our collective work.