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Clothing for Outdoor Play
All winter activities require warm, dry clothing. To prevent frostbite, children should be dressed in warm clothes, including:
a hat and clothing made of tightly woven fibers, such as wool, which trap warm air against your body. A few lighter layers protect better than one heavy garment
loose layers (an absorbent synthetic fabric next to skin, a warmer middle layer, and a water resistant/repellent outer layer)
Protect vulnerable areas such as fingers, toes, ears and nose
socks A single pair of socks, either wool or a wool blend (with silk or polypropylene) is better than cotton which offers no insulation when wet. Avoid extra thick socks as they can cause cold feet by restricting blood flow and air circulation around the toes
boots Be sure boots are dry and not too tight
Children should get out of wet clothes and shoes as quickly as possible as they are the biggest factors in frostbite.
And always make sure children:
drink plenty of warm fluids to help the body maintain its temperature. If hot drinks are not available, drink plenty of plain water
take frequent breaks from the cold to let their body warm up
use sunscreen even on cloudy days
Jackets should be zipped up. To avoid strangulation during play, use tube-shaped neck warmers instead of scarves. If scarves must be used, tuck them into jackets. Remove drawstrings on hoods and jackets because they are also a safety hazard; better yet, buy clothes without drawstrings
Information from Safe Kids Canada- Safe Kids Canada

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JoAnna LaTulippe-Rochon