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Lots of Exciting Program Activity

By JoAnna LaTulippe-Rochon / August 28, 2015

As vacations wind down, the level of activity all across the Island is ramping up.  We are offering lots of programs and services to support you as parents and caregivers – and to provide great early learning experiences for children too! Parents, grandparents, extended family members, caregivers and friends are all welcomed to check out…

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Teaching Opposites

By JoAnna LaTulippe-Rochon / August 11, 2015

Teaching opposites is an ideal way to help improve your child’s ability to communicate. The addition of descriptive words to their vocabulary will greatly transform the level of detail your child can convey – ‘soft bunny’, ‘big teddy’ or ‘little boy’. You can teach opposites to your child through a range of simple activities at home. 
Teaching Opposites with Games…

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Sled and Toboggan Safety

By JoAnna LaTulippe-Rochon / December 12, 2012

Sledding and Tobogganing   Ensure that the hill is free of hazards – trees, rocks, bumps, fences and bare spots. Do not sled on ice-covered areas. Ensure that the hill is situated away from roads, rivers or railroads and that there is plenty of room to stop at the bottom of the hill. Look for…

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Dressing for the Season

By JoAnna LaTulippe-Rochon / December 10, 2012

Clothing for Outdoor Play   All winter activities require warm, dry clothing. To prevent frostbite, children should be dressed in warm clothes, including: a hat and clothing made of tightly woven fibers, such as wool, which trap warm air against your body. A few lighter layers protect better than one heavy garment loose layers (an absorbent synthetic…

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Seasonal Health and Safety Reminders

By JoAnna LaTulippe-Rochon / November 25, 2012

Healthy Tips to Keep in Mind During the Holiday Season Wash your hands often to keep yourself from spreading germs and getting sick.  Wash your hands with soap and clean running water for at least 20 seconds. Bundle up to stay dry and warm.  Wear appropriate outdoor clothing: layers of light, warm clothing; mittens; hats;…

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Celebrate National Child Day on November 20

By JoAnna LaTulippe-Rochon / November 1, 2012

Did you know that National Child Day has been celebrated across Canada since 1993?  It is a special day that is set aside to commemorate the United Nations’ adoption of two documents centered on children’s rights: the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child on November 20, 1959, and the United Nations Convention on the Rights…

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Social Determinants of Health and Government Strategy Links Added to Website

By JoAnna LaTulippe-Rochon / October 16, 2012

Social Determinants of Health Research and Government Strategies – Keeping Ourselves Informed If you check under the Understanding the Early Years Tab you will see a few new web pages that have recently been added to our site. The first of these pages is a page dedicated to sharing resources connected to the Social Determinants…

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Events & activities across Cape Breton Island

Programs offered by the Cape Breton Family Place Resource Centre

Baby Building Club

Baby Building Clubs (Group and Home Visiting) – A prenatal experience for expectant moms, this program is offered in a group setting in some areas and through home visiting in other areas. Expectant moms have the opportunity to talk with other moms and/or staff and share experiences along the nine-month journey into parenthood. Participant driven, group…

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Nobody’s Perfect

A program that provides an opportunity for parents to meet weekly to discuss parenting joys and challenges. Participants gather and chat about all the different ways they can work on raising happy, healthy children. It is also a great venue for sharing the challenges of parenting and receiving information on topics that are of concern…

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A story sack includes a good children’s book and lots of activities to bring reading to life. It is a fun way for children and adults to read together. Children play an active role as they work with the characters and materials that they see in the story. Story sacks are a great way to…

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Book Bag Program

A family literacy program for children between the ages of three and five years of age along with their parents or child care providers. The group meets, reads a story together, and shares in a related craft activity. The program ends with the children selecting books to take home for a week and return these…

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Play with a Purpose

This early literacy program is six weeks in length. Children need a whole foundation of knowledge before they are ready to read. Parents, teachers, or caregivers and their children (0-6) have an opportunity to focus on boosting their child’s language development and literacy skills. Children and adults will listen to a story, practice the concepts…

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Common Sense Parenting

Discipline is a very complex issue. Quite often, parents may already have effective methods—however; one can never have enough tools, because each child is unique. This is a practical training program that shares with parents a wide range of effective, positive discipline skills.

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Handle with Care

Handle with Care is a simple interactive program to help parents and caregivers, including those who work in early childhood settings, to promote the mental health of young children from birth to 6 years.  Handle with Care is based on a number of important assumptions about mental health: Mental health, or social and emotional well-being,…

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You’re A Better Parent Than You Think

A parenting program that offers parents and caregivers the opportunity to come together and brainstorm solutions to common parenting challenges. Topics are selected by each group so are different each time the program is run as the program is tailored to the needs of the group. Common topics include Communication, Discipline, Self Esteem, Stress, Child…

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Parent Education Support Group

This supportive parent/caregiver group provides a relaxed, accepting environment where parents/caregivers share information, techniques and challenges, and learn new approaches to parenting. Weekly sessions provide information about specific topics concerning parenting or child development. Topic areas are determined by parent/caregiver interest.  

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Early Childhood Systemic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP)

Early Childhood STEP is offered in a group setting over the course of seven sessions. In a group, parents and caregivers provide encouragement to each other. They share concerns and learn that their problems are often not unique. Through discussion, they become more aware that their own reactions and attitudes may have unintentionally influenced their…

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Research and Results

Summative Evaluation of Our Work 2004 to 2009

Summative Evaluation of Community Action Program for Children 2004-2009 Background and Context The origins of the Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) can be traced to 1990 when Canada, along with 71 other nations made a commitment in the United Nations World Summit for Children to invest in the well-being of vulnerable children. In response…

Making Connections: Linking Theory and Practice within the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program

The Atlantic Children’s Evaluation Sub-committee (ACES) Working Group, made up of children’s program project staff and federal and provincial government representatives, worked together to develop a theoretical framework for the Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) and the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP). Through a literature review and consultations, the group identified three core elements…

From Red Tape to Clear Results

From Red Tape to Clear Results Highlights Atlantic Canada Success Stories Community Action Program for Children and Canada’s Prenatal Nutrition Programs The Report of the Independent Blue Panel on Grants and Contribution programs highlights two Atlantic Canada success stories.  At the outset of its work, this panel was asked to “provide advice on how to…

From Babies to Boardrooms: A Study of CAPC and CPNP System Level Involvement

From Babies to Boardrooms looks at one part of the regional evaluation – the study of how the core elements provided the foundation for contributions to change at the system level: what happened, who was involved, and the results. This document provides a brief overview. Results show that CAPC and CPNP are: key players in the…

Children and Communities Grow: Atlantic CAPC and CPNP Successes in Public Health

Family Place Highlighted in Children and Communities Grow Publication Children and Communities Grow: Atlantic CAPC and CPNP Successes in Public Health is a collection of 12 stories highlighting the efforts of a sample of CAPC and CPNP projects in Atlantic Canada to improve the lives of children and their families. The booklet represents the collective and…