Welcome to Family Place

We are so pleased to be able to provide parents and caregivers with a wonderful array of family-centred programs and services throughout Cape Breton Island and beyond.

We are able to do so because of the great support we receive from the Public Health Agency of Canada through the Community Action Program for Children and Canada’s Prenatal Nutrition Program.

Extending our reach to even more communities is possible because of additional support we receive from the Department of Community Services; the Nova Scotia Health Authority, and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. And our reach extends beyond the Island to the rest of Canada through our Canadian Union of Postal Workers and Union of Postal Communication Employees Special Needs and Moving On projects.

Because Family Place continues to grow and develop, and because parents, grandparents, and other child care providers continue to let us know what kinds of supports, programs, and resources will best meet their needs, our programs are ever changing.

We are now able to provide this information to you in an on-line format. Please check out our programming by visiting the county page that corresponds with where you live.  Our calendar can be found under the “events” section within each county.

All programs are not active at the same time, and all are not available in all areas.  Participants and other agency staff are encouraged to call their local office to discuss additional program needs and interests.

Please consider this your personal invitation to browse, call, and/or drop into one of our locations to meet us and share some of your family’s time with Family Place.

JoAnna LaTulippe-Rochon,

Executive Director

Upcoming Events

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Cape Breton Family Place Calendar

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Click on a date to display the event details for the day below the calendar.

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List of Program and Activities: This Month Across Cape Breton

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We are pleased to provide a range of family and community programs: