Family Place Highlighted in Children and Communities Grow Publication

Children and Communities Grow: Atlantic CAPC and CPNP Successes in Public Health is a collection of 12 stories highlighting the efforts of a sample of CAPC and CPNP projects in Atlantic Canada to improve the lives of children and their families. 

The booklet represents the collective and extensive practice-based knowledge of CAPC/CPNP leaders, demonstrates the complexity and skill required in working effectively with vulnerable families and provides examples of how the projects are contributing to child health in areas such as healthy weights, mental wellness and injury prevention. 

The narratives also demonstrate the integration of CAPC/CPNP sites within the public health system as essential partners, collaborators and innovators in the effort to reduce health inequities across the region. Projects featured in the booklet include:

  • Cape Breton Family Place Resource Centre, Nova Scotia
  • Baby and Me group, New Brunswick
  • Brighter Futures Coalition, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Mi’kmaq Family Resource Centre, Prince Edward Island
  • Families First Resource Centre, Prince Edward Island
  • Kids First, Cape Breton Family Place and the Southern Shore Family Resource Association, Nova Scotia
  • Kids West, Prince Edward Island
  • Digby County Family Resource Centre, Nova Scotia
  • Mi’kmaq Child Development Centre, Nova Scotia
  • Community Action Committee, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Fredericton Regional Family Resource Centre, New Brunswick
  • Burin Peninsula Brighter Futures, Newfoundland and Labrador

The booklet was compiled from a review of project documents, including proposals, reports, resource kits, websites, evaluations, promotional materials, a DVD and a theatre script. Information was also gathered through interviews with CAPC/CPNP staff involved in each of the projects.


Children and Communities Grow: Atlantic CAPC and CPNP Successes in Public Health. 2010. Produced by Camille Fouillard for the Atlantic Regional Office of the Public Health Agency of Canada.


This booklet is available for download in English and French.  To access this publication please go to Children and Communities Grow - English Version or for the French version please click les enfants grandissent.