CAPC and CPNP: Sowing the Seeds for Enhanced Capacity in Atlantic Canada

This report synthesizes the results from the CAPC and CPNP project evaluation reports submitted to PHAC Atlantic in 2005. It specifically looks at how creating supportive environments and providing opportunities for participation and involvement enhances capacity-building at the individual, project and community levels.

Qualitative data from a selection of 30 reports were broken into meaningful pieces related to emerging themes and categories (thematically analyzed), first separately from each report (case analysis) and then across reports (cross-case analysis). Findings from a qualitative analysis of the system level data and the results of a Program Participant Survey (PPS) were also reviewed for relevant capacity-building information and, where appropriate, integrated in this report.

The findings reveal that CAPC and CPNP projects in Atlantic Canada have worked to build capacities by:

  1. supporting and nurturing individual strengths
  2. increasing accessibility to programs and services
  3. developing/supporting relationship building and collaboration
  4. leveraging and sharing resources
  5. operating from a population health approach, and
  6. impacting on many determinants of health


The authors conclude that CAPC and CPNP in Atlantic Canada have created a model that encompasses capacity building and community development in the implementation of their projects. CAPC and CPNP programs in Atlantic Canada are contributing to the core element of capacity building and associated sub-elements, as well as addressing and impacting the determinants of health. The participatory and flexible approach used by CAPC and CPNP will continue to enhance projects’ capacity to be responsive to emerging public health issues and needs.



CAPC and CPNP: Sowing the Seeds for Enhanced Capacity in Atlantic Canada was produced by Research Power Inc. for the Atlantic Regional Office of the Public Health Agency of Canada.



This report is available for download in English and French.  To view full report please go to CAPC and CPNP: Sowing the Seeds for Enhanced Capacity in Atlantic Canada.  For the French version please click here.