Our Mission Statement is “families working together to build healthier families”.

We work diligently to ensure that our programs and services are accessible to local families.  Our programs and services focus on supporting families while addressing the social determinants of health.  This may include addressing issues or challenges relating to:

  • Childhood injury prevention; 
  • Disabilities, disorders, and/or health impairments;
  • Family dynamics - health relationships;
  • Fathering;
  • Geographic isolation;
  • Heath and/or nutrition;
  • Healthy weights;
  • High risk pregnancies;
  • Injury and/or special needs;
  • Literacy;
  • Lone parenting - male or female;
  • Low income;
  • Mental health and well being;
  • New or first-time mothers;
  • Parenting while partner is working out of town;
  • Risks related to abuse and/or neglect; and
  • Social isolation.

We offer childcare and transportation supports, in as much as our budgets allow, to remove barriers to service acquisition.

Our vision or desired outcomes are that:

  • parents are confident and skilful;
  • children have greater opportunities to realize their full potential;
  • families have the skills and knowledge necessary to influence decisions which affect their lives;
  • the community better understands the challenges experienced by our participants; and
  • there is a stronger connection between families and communities.
We carry out this work in collaboration with other agencies, organizations, boards, and government departments that share, in whole or in part, our mission and vision.

Family Place organizational goals include:

  1. To promote the health and well-being of families with young children (prenatal to sixteen years of age) on Cape Breton Island by strengthening and empowering families, communities and the systems within which they live and grow; 
  2. Assisting families and communities to identify their needs; locate resources and support to meet these needs; develop and/or strengthen decision making and problem solving abilities in order to effectively access appropriate programs/resources; develop and/or strengthen formal/informal support networks reducing feelings of isolation and/or stress; and enhance knowledge of early childhood development, parental skills  and capacities, and community resources thereby enhancing individual and community capacity to support healthy child development; and
  3. To offer resource and financial support to families across Canada that have children, youth, and/or dependent sons and/or daughters with special needs and whose parents/guardians are employed by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers or the Union of Postal Communication Employees.

These goals are met through creating supportive environments, encouraging participation and involvement, and building capacity at the individual, project, community and/or system level.

Our programs and services are provided within the context of the emerging health priorities of Candians - Healthy Weights; Injury Prevention; and Mental Health and Well Being.  

We are focused on meeting the public health needs of our population through all of our programs and services.